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Test 1


The marks for Test 1 are now on-line. If your student number starts with 1, that 1 is missing. Column tst1 is what you got, out of 42. The average was 52%, which is terrible. Column T1 bumps the marks up so the average is 70%, and expresses the mark as a percent.

If you are having trouble understanding the material of this course, why aren’t you asking questions? This forum is not being well used. You can ask for help on Thursday evenings. You can email me.

The tests will be given back this Thursday October 25. If you have a complaint or question about your mark, write that complaint or question on the back of the answer booklet, and give the booklet back to the TA. Questions and complaints about marking will not be answered immediately; they will be answered later, and your booklet will be given back to you one week later.


The solutions for Test 1 are now online.