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RTT Part 2


Can someone please explain “Now draw chart of representative RTTs of different flows as a function of their start time (to demonstrate how these RTTs change over time) for this pair of hosts.”


Slide 37 lecture 6 is exactly what they want!


No. I believe that slide is what they want for the first part, i.e. plotting sample RTT and estimated RTT as a function of time for the three different categories of flow.

In part 2, I think you need to find the median SRTT for every flow, and plot how the median SRTT changes over time between a pair of hosts (so the plot is just one function).


Yes. For example, you visited Google.com at different times during a week. Now we want to know whether the estimated RTT in each connection is changing over time or not. And if yes, how. Therefore, for each of those connections we estimate the RTT and select the median of them. Then, we draw the chart of these median RTTs for different flows over time.