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Remark request for assignment 6


Hi, the mark for assignment 6 has been released, and I got an unexpected low mark for code can’t compile on TA’s machine. I double checked before submitting my assignment and I just check again that my code works fine. Also I got video recorded when I finished my assignment way before ddl. I was wondering if there is someone I should look for to get a remark. I have already submitted the remark request on MarkUs, but I hope I can get a response here, since I know everyone works extremely hard for this course and I really enjoy doing the homework for this course and put a lot of effort. Thanks.


Same issue here !!!
My code works on multiple computer and is crashing on TAs machine, I don’t think its fair that I lost marks for this as well.

If needed, I can provide video proof of what my output looks like.


I will re-grade these cases in CDF machines tonight. Please either post here or email me if you have such a problem.


I tried in CDF machine and could run the first part only. I corrected your grade. I can’t give more credits for the rest of sections.


I could run your code in CDF machine. Nice job in the creative part! Please request regrade in markus so I can enter your new grade.


Hi, do you have more office hour, can I show them in person, please? I would like to know what goes wrong, since it works fine on mine. I would really appreciate this.


Hi Cheshmi,

Just submitted for the remark. Thanks :slight_smile:


Let’s talk about this after today class. I will be there.