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Question About Assignment 1, Question 3


I am working on computing the scaled efficiency in question (3.b), and I am a bit confused about the data available in the table.

Namely, I am using the process described in the lecture notes (pages 1-69–1-72) to compute $n_4, n_8$, and $n_{16}$, which are required in the computation of scaled efficiency.

However, given that matrix-matrix multiplication has cubic complexity, I end up having to take the cubic root of $p$, which means I end up with values for $n_4, n_8$, etc. which are not in the table.

Should I simply approximate to the closest values in the table, or is there something else that I may be missing?

Alternatively, if we were to follow the example from pages 1-78 and 1-79, is it sufficient to only provide an analytical formula for the resulting efficiency?

Thank you,


We talked about this in class. See the different formula
of page 71 versus page 69.
Essentially the formula of pg 71 is a generalization of the one in pg 69. It is fine to approximate, as long as you correct your approximation. You need to give a number eventually.


Thank you for the clarifications!

I had misunderstood the question, and apparently misread the requirement too—we need n_64, not n_16 in (b), which makes the math much nicer.