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Project extension


Would it be possible to get a 2-3 day extension for the final project?


I agree a few more days would be really helpful. It is getting close to the end of semester when all the final assignments are due for other courses.


agree. A few big projects are about to due at almost the same time. Is it possible to have an extension?


I have many projects due at almost the same time too, is it possible to have an extension?


I told my classes that you can ask for an extension, but the answer is probably “NO”. And this is still the case!
Even referring to these comments, it seems that everyone acknowledge that there are multiple questions that are due at almost the same time. Therefore, extending the deadline by few days will not solve the overlapping problem. It may actually collide it for more deadlines, because some courses set the deadline of some assignments at the end of the classes.


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theres so much ambiguity in this assignment, and its clear in the questions from this discussion board. it would be nice to have a bit of an extension but i guess not.


It would definitely be nice, but unfortunately, my answer is still NO. Sorry.


Although Prof has explicitly answered with a NO, I still would like to propose that an extension would be helpful.


At least 12 hours; are they going to start reading the reports on Monday 12AM? :slight_smile:


May I kindly suggest that for the next iteration of this course, it would be very helpful if there was a central place to list the project handout errata as I’m currently going through every thread on this forum and finding corrections to the assignment that I missed. I’m pretty sure the students who don’t frequent this forum would have made mistakes on their project if they didn’t check the posts here. A quercus announcement or a pinned post would’ve have been nice.

Also regarding extensions, the other section has had a substitute professor for the last two weeks and I don’t think the possibility of extensions was discussed in that class.



I just want to remind you that we have a late submission policy. You can check it in the syllabus. Simply stated, if you missed Sunday midnight (because you want to get that awesome Cyber Monday deal early!), then it is not end of the word. You can submit up to two days late and depending on how many hours you are late, you will face a penalty.


I personally do agree with the ambiguity of the assignment, LOTS were unclear, but I feel that it doesn’t deserve an extension. The time given for the project was fair. Although, we didn’t fully complete the assignment either, we tried our best for the deadline and did as much as we could.

One thing I had an issue with was the lack of office hours, especially towards the due date. To add on, prof/ta responses are scarce on this discussion board. When usually only the the prof replies, no tas (or at least there is no indication that a reply is from a ta), there isn’t enough constant feedback/confirmation.

May I suggest piazza for discussion, it deemed much more helpful in relation to my other courses. Correct responses can be approved by prof/tas and will reduce the amount of repeated questions due to an ambiguous answer.


Although I mostly agree with you, we tried starting this project nine days before the deadline but ended up getting pretty much nothing done until a while after that just because of how vague the handout was and how long it took for questions to be answered on Discourse. I wouldn’t really say we had ample time for the project when a large chunk of it was spent refreshing Discourse constantly.

On the bright side, the late penalty is super lenient for this course so at least that’s nice if you absolutely have to hand it in late.