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How long should 2b be?


In the assignment it says that we should write a report in which you discuss what you attempted. How long is this expected to be?


Not super long (a page is probably too much). Make it clear that you understand what the problem is and how this particular solution to it works. For example, what is the training criterion (loss function) and how does it work towards making the parser work better? (What is the oracle for?) etc.

I can be convinced that you’ve understood the problem and solution probably in half a page or so. Too much more than that and you’re probably either including unnecessary detail or not communicating your point succinctly. Too much less and it’s definitely not enough to demonstrate a sufficient understanding.


Thank you for the clarification! I thought we just had to write about how we completed the functions.


That is an important part, but how much can anyone reasonably write about get_n_leftmost_deps? :wink: