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Final: 80% post-midterm, 20% pre-midterm?


Hello! I wrote in my notes that the exam will be 80% post-midterm material and 20% pre-midterm material. I just want to double-check that this is correct and I didn’t hear wrongly.

The midterm was Oct 16th and the tutorial slides for Lecture 6 were posted on Oct 20th. Can we consider everything from Lecture 6 tutorial onwards to be post-midterm? Please correct if I’m wrong - thanks.


It may not be exactly 20-80, however, the emphasis will be on topics that we covered after the midterm. And from after the midterm, I mean topics that were not included in the midterm (for some sections, we may go over some topics right before the midterm that was not included in the midterm).


Will the topics in Lec05(BGP, AS, etc.) count as before or after final?


Those topics were not part of the midterm.
PS: If you are aiming for A+ (which all of you should!), then there is not that much difference between materials that were covered in the midterm (and will have lower portion of marks in the final) and the rest. You need to understand and master everything!