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Problem Sets

  • Where do we get these from?
  • How do we submit them?
  • Can we use Latex to type them up?
  • Can we use R instead of MatLab?


How do we get this mark?


Where can we find questions so that the midterm isn’t a total surprise (i.e. I practice solving 3x3 polynomial interpolation with Vandermonde matricies and the exam focuses on Weierstruss’s theorem)


You get the assignments from the webpage of the course.
You submit hard copy.
Yes, Latex is very desirable. I did not ask explicitly for it,
as I don’t want to load you with more typing,
but certainly it is a good idea to use Latex.
I don’t know if R has all the same functions and features.
as Matlab.
If you think you can get them, I am not stuck with Matlab.

Regarding participation, first you need to come to lectures.
Second, ask meaningful questions.

Regarding exam questions, it is a bit early to ask,
so let’s leave it for now.

Christina Christara