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Double-spaced or Single-spaced?


currently, i have it as single-spaced since the graphs already extend the length of my report page-wise. did the instructor say anything about this?


Also another question,

the instructions mention that the report should contain answers to questions and analysis of the data. What does the analysis consist of? Must we try to explain why the data turned out a certain way? is there any other information about this analysis we have to conduct? I figured we were only just answering the questions.


No, I don’t believe that there are any instructions on formatting - just make sure that it’s coherent and consistent.


We did not provide any strict formatting, primarily to make it easier for you (otherwise, you had to spend extra time to make look exactly like what we asked).
For the analysis, you should explain the main points that you see. For example, if TCP and UDP results are similar, what does it means for us in network management. If they are different, why this happens and what does it reveal about where people are using TCP and UDP.