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Content for the first midterm exam


I sadly couldn’t attend the lecture this past Wednesday and wanted to ask what is the expected material for the upcoming midterm?

Thank you


The midterm covers all the material up to
including partitioning methods.


So the domain decomposition methods are not included?


I would also be interested in knowing if the domain decomposition methods (including 1D and 2D BVPs) and the material from this slide deck (http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~ccc/Courses/456/0b=bvp.pdf) will be covered in the midterm.

Thank you.


DD methods are not included. The 1D and 2D BVPs give rise
to matrices that are in the material covered (banded systems, etc),
but the precise description in the slides for BVPs is not needed.


See below (or above).


Thank you for the clarification!


Thank you for the clarification