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BA 5287 2-3 pm on Friday 30 November


Office hours and exam remarking will take place. If you took your exam with you at tutorial today, please bring it back!



Hi, I missed the remark session because I had a final presentation during that time slot. Is it possible to reschedule?


Please get back to me :slight_smile: Thank you!


Sure, when are you available?


Anytime after today xD, I will be attending the lecture today as well. Maybe i’ll see you there? Or sometime after if possible?


Hi, another thing is regarding the final image project. I only uploaded the image, some modded files, and a readme since the limit was set to a max of 5 MB, I didn’t know that a github link was required.

I just made a GitHub for it:

Please accept :slight_smile: thank you


This is fine, thanks! :slight_smile:


Are you free anytime before 4 tomorrow Friday dec 7?


Oh, I’m soooo sorry! I didn’t see this message :frowning:

Do you have an office maybe? If possible, I can drop by to see if you’re available, and if not i’ll just come back later.

This is my edwardy.liu@mail.utoronto.ca