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Assignment Marking Criteria


Hello everyone,

As it’s been explained in class and written in the READMEs, the only files you change in the assignments should be those in the src/ directory. All includes and namespaces you use in your code have to be in these *.cpp files, or else they won’t compile. I marked your assignments on the CDF machines, where your code must compile and run to get full marks.

From the README:

The include/ directory contains one file for each function that you will implement as part of the assignment. Do not change these files.

The src/ directory contains empty implementations of the functions specified in the include/ directory. This is where you will implement the parts of the assignment.

I took off 2 points each time an include or scoping operator caused your code not to compile as a gentle reminder to make sure it runs. Most people with this problem still achieved an A on assignment 1.

Yes, I am grading the algorithm implementation based on the visual output. If your output looked wrong, I gave partial credit based on the code and comments written. However, it’s also expected that instructions are followed and valid c++ is written. This is, yes, less important, but nevertheless important.



Thanks for the clarification, I didn’t fully realize that different environments such as CDF computers would not compile say for an assert statement which you do not have to explicitly write ‘include cassert’ in a mac environment. But yes, of course different environment would handle different student’s code differently. Another recent example is that of the most recent commit made my professor Alec on Lab 4 to address the ‘#include <viewer.h>’ problem that worked on mac computers but not on Linux machines since it is case sensitive and would not compile since it cannot find viewer.h.

With this being said, since assignment 2 and assignment 3 deadlines have passed and student’s cannot make anymore amendments to their code, will we get penalized for small details like this as well?

It would be nice if all this were explicitly mentioned in the README part of the assignment, such as ‘make sure that your code compiles in CDF machine environment.’ This way students don’t have to be penalized for small mistakes like these which are completely avoidable. But nonetheless, thanks again for the clarification.


You will not be penalized again for the small compilation errors.