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Are you there?


There has been no activity on this bulletin board for 22 days. I look every day, and there’s nothing. And there’s been almost as little activity in class each Thursday evening. There’s no class this Thursday because it’s Reading Week, and next week is Test 2.

Because the course lectures and exercises are online, it’s easy to put off this course in favor of courses with assignment deadlines. But you should be giving this course just as much time as any other course. You are senior students, and you should be able to budget your own time. You need to be listening to lectures, perhaps several times each segment. You need to be reading the textbook, perhaps several times each section. You need to be trying exercises, and not just the suggested exercises. And you need to ask questions whenever you have questions.

I’ll see you all next week for Test 2. It’s in BA1180 this time. I hope you will be well prepared.