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CSC485H1/2501H: Computational Linguistics

A3 marks (3)
A3: q2btest.txt (10)
Model saver: permission denied (7)
Is a name/string required for arcs? (4)
A3 Q2b: Error on model.predict? (2)
How to generate q2btest.txt (2)
Running model (2)
Std::bad_alloc when trying to run 2b in labs[FIXED] (3)
Running Tensorflow in lab 3185 (4)
Reshape in add_embeddings() (3)
Extra file for the bonus question (2)
Can our parser parse any projective dependency tree? (3)
Bonus modifying other files (2)
Running A3 (4)
A3 Q1F - Does the root always arc to the word with address 1? (2)
Additional office hour (1)
Office hour (5)
A3: Circular dependency (16)
How long should 2b be? (4)
Clarification on get_n_leftmost_deps and get_n_rightmost_deps (4)
What mailbox in BA2220? (4)
Re-evaluation for A2 (1)
More machines available (2)
A2 median marks (2)
A3, Q1b Do we need to count the initialization as one step? (2)
[SOLVED] Failed to load the native TensorFlow runtime (3)
Cuda_error_out_of_memory (2)
Tutorial slides? (3)
A3 1. b) (4)
Q2: loss function decreasing but so is my LAS/UAS score (1)